Covid-19 instructions on Vanders’ course activities and difference in the course payments from 2.2.2021.

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Covid-19 instructions on Vanders’ course activities starting from 8.2.2021.

Finnish government decided on 27.1.2021 to allow children and youth sports activities to continue. Continuing is possible by following special safety guidelines. Next is written down Vanders’ safety guidelines which everyone who participates on Vanders’ activities must follow. Please read them carefully.

Only by following the instructions, we can act responsibly and to do our own part in making sure that childen and youth sport activities can continue during these times.

Please notice that these following instructions are more strict than general suggestions. Beside following the instructions written below, Vanders also follows other safety guidelines for example by smaller group sizes.

Being sick

You can only participate in the activities when you are not sick. If you get sick, you are to go to a covid test and after a negative test result remain from activities for two days when you are feeling well. After two days, you can return back to Vanders’ activities. We also encourage to remain from course activities if someone from the same household is sick.

On covid positive results we follow Finnish institute for health and welfare’s instructions.

Trips abroad

If the person participating in course activities or a person from the same household has been abroad, they cannot participate in activities for 14 days.

Face masks

Anyone over 12-years old has to use a face mask inside the swimming hall. The face mask has to be on inside the swimming hall in the lobby and changing rooms before and after practice.

Hand hygiene

When entering the swimming hall, you must use the hand sanitizer found in the lobby. Otherwise everyone must take care of proper hand hygiene by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer.


Guardians and everyone else must wait for the course participants outside of the swimming hall. Only the course participants are allowed inside the swimming hall.


Vanders’ course instructors also follow the previous instructions. During the courses Vanders tries to make sure that the same instructor stays with the group for the whole course. But for example if the course instructor becomes sick, then there is a different instructor. Instructors use face masks when it is possible, otherwise they use a face shield.

Difference in the course payments

Spring 2021 courses are paid exceptionally by billing. When signing up for the courses, you are charged for a 20€ reservation fee. Notice that signing up by reservation fee is binding and you have to pay for the course. Reservation fee is not returned even if the course has to be cancelled. The final price for the course is exceptionally billed after the course has ended. The price of the course depends on how many times it was possible to organize the course.

If the covid-19 situation gets worse and the course cannot be held fully, you are only charged for the amount of times that the course was held.